Reaktor Open Office Hours

We are organising for you Reaktor Open Office Hours.

During those meetings founders have a chance to meet mentors from Reaktor. They can talk with them about their ideas. They can raise a subject of product, investor or partners. Mentors, basing on their own experience, will try to show them the most effective solutions for issues bothering fresh businessmen.

Are you a new startup founder? Want to know how big chances your project has?

Sign up for Reaktor Open Office Hours!

Remember: the more you write, the better mentors we can give you!

Format of the meeting

  • 30 min talk beetwen founder and 2-3 mentors (if you really want a certain mentor, let us know, but there is no guarantee)/li>
  • Mentors work pro publico bono
  • Place: Reaktor

How can we help you?

  • In verification of you idea for business
  • In making a decision if it is worth taking money from investor (if yoru businesss is currently hot for investing)

How to prepare youself?

  • Train relating in a clear way what your business is about, assuming you are talking to people who know nothing about this branch.
  • Focus on:
    • who is your client (and how big group this is)
    • what kind of client’s problems do you solve
    • how much client will pay for service (or any business model you are planing)
  • Think about what is your aim for this meeting and lead conversation the way you achive the most

Don’t come to ROOH if:

  • You are not ready for criticism (seriously, think because mentors can be really direct).
  • You are not open for criticism (you are fixated at certain idea)
  • You don’t have a specific idea or project, just want to talk
    then we recommend OpenReaktor and other networking parties
  • You have idea or even a company,but you are not going to give this 100% of your time to achieve success
    In this case you will receive just one advice: go back to your position