We are organising for you Reaktor Open Office Hours.

During those meetings founders have a chance to meet mentors from Reaktor. They can talk with them about their ideas. They can raise a subject of product, investor or partners. Mentors, basing on their own experience, will try to show them the most effective solutions for issues bothering fresh businessmen.

Are you a new startup founder? Want to know how big chances your project has?

Sign up for Reaktor Open Office Hours!

Remember: the more you write, the better mentors we can give you!

Format of the meeting

  • 30 min talk beetwen founder and 2-3 mentors (if you really want a certain mentor, let us know, but there is no guarantee)
  • Mentors work pro publico bono
  • Place: Reaktor

How can we help you?

  • In verification of you idea for business
  • In making a decision if it is worth taking money from investor (if yoru businesss is currently hot for investing)

How to prepare youself?

  • Train relating in a clear way what your business is about, assuming you are talking to people who know nothing about this branch.
  • Focus on:
    • who is your client (and how big group this is)
    • what kind of client’s problems do you solve
    • how much client will pay for service (or any business model you are planing)
  • Think about what is your aim for this meeting and lead conversation the way you achive the most

Don’t come to ROOH if:

  • You are not ready for criticism (seriously, think because mentors can be really direct).
  • You are not open for criticism (you are fixated at certain idea)
  • You don’t have a specific idea or project, just want to talk
    then we recommend OpenReaktor and other networking parties
  • You have idea or even a company,but you are not going to give this 100% of your time to achieve success
    In this case you will receive just one advice: go back to your position

Recommended by

Konrad Latkowski

Snażyk Granicki

Kamila Sidor

Konrad Latkowski

Z prostego pomysłu na co-work powstało wspaniałe miejsce, które nie tylko daje możliwość pracy. Reaktor stał się mini HUBem łączącym ekosystem Warszawy, a czasem i szerzej - całej Polski, z innymi startupowymi miejscami na całym świecie. Nie tylko pod względem wymiany kontaktów, ale także wiedzy i doświadczenia. Brawo! Konrad Latkowski

Snażyk Granicki

Willa na ulicy Bohomolca 15 to bez wątpienia jedno z kluczowych miejsc na startupowej mapie Warszawy. Dzięki współpracy z Reaktor Warsaw mieliśmy okazję nawiązać wiele wspaniałych kontaktów biznesowych, a także poznaliśmy ludzi zarażających pasją oraz wiarą we własne możliwości. Zainteresowanie się organizowanymi przez zespół Reaktora wydarzeniami polecamy gorąco wszystkim osobom potrzebującym merytorycznego i profesjonalnego wsparcia w rozwijaniu swojego biznesu.

Kamila Sidor

Carrots Foundation

From day one Reaktor is an extraordinary place and an unique community for all kinds of startupers from wannabe to successful one. If you are a tech distruper your can find easily your species here!

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